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The McCowan Store Fixture System is extremely versatile and is used in several sectors of the retail industry. McCowan has decades of experience and expertise supplying fixture and display solutions to the following retail sectors & industries:

Competition in the C-Store and Gas Bar industry is tough and always changing. The battle for market share is constant. Customers demand high quality products, cleanliness, organization and of course convenience. Customers make decisions very quickly based on many factors, a primary one being “how does the store look” – this will affect what they buy, how much and whether they return.

Pharmacies have a very unique set of operational needs. McCowan recognizes that pharmacies primarily function as workspaces and must be designed with workflow, productivity and ergonomics in mind. However, merchandising cannot be forgotten as all retail space is valuable. The consumer’s side of the pharmacy counter provides important merchandising space and McCowan has a variety of fixture solutions for this area.

Customers make purchase decisions in split seconds – the first factor affecting their decision to purchase food or beverages is the cleanliness of the area. It is vital that the areas where food is being prepared and served are sanitary.

Using our retail experience and fully integrated manufacturing facilities, we provide attractive and functional complete store fixture and millwork packages to Cannabis Retailers.

The retail world is constantly evolving; new products come to market and retail environments develop to meet changing customer needs. In order to grow with the retail world, it is important that you have a strong partner that is as dynamic and adaptive as you are.

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